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Office equipment

In addition to the customary office applications, image-processing programs are available in the office. The well-known CAD systems Medusa and AutoCAD are used as well. With regard to servicing and maintenance, we place our trust in the many years of experience of the well-known company CAD-Schroer GmbH in Moers.

The transfer of drawings from other CAD systems to the DXF format functions reliably because certain fundamental principles are observed. It is never possible to avoid some subsequent work in both directions (customer and engineering office), particularly with regard to typefaces and special symbols.

Printouts up to the A3 size can be produced in our own office using laser technology. The available drawing boards and many years of experience „in the old manual skill“ mean that we can not only carry out computer-assisted design but can also still process conventional drawings which are only available on paper.

With regard to our computer equipment, we use a network based on Windows NT/2000. The data is protected by both NAT & Firewall and regular backups on tape and CD.

The existing office equipment is looked after intensively with regard to specialist literature, work materials and software and, if at all possible, is kept at the latest status.

If a bottleneck in the capacities of Ingenieurbüro Schlüter occurs in the course of the order processing, this is compensated for by cooperating with Ingenieurbüro Plaga in Herne so that the time-related implementation of the order can be adapted to the expectations of the customer in relation to the technical feasibility.

It is also possible to satisfy the customer's wish to obtain „everything from one source“. The design service of Ingenieurbüro Schlüter is then supplemented by the fabrication and erection services of Knepper GmbH in Bergkamen. This allows the customer to carry out the design and fabrication with one contractor. Depending on the size of the order, one of the companies becomes the general contractor.
The infrastructure of Knepper GmbH can also be used for the processing of large orders. Here, not only are corresponding meeting rooms available with the presentation media customary today but it is also possible at the same time to make use of the services of the company offices of Knepper GmbH which are equipped with modern office appliances.

Knepper GmbH fabricates with modern processing machines, conventional or CNC, directly in its own plant and can thus carry out fabrication with high precision and on favourable conditions. Comprehensive quality assurance minimises the proportion of defective parts, thus excluding any delays in delivery. The fabrication encompasses individual parts, sub-assemblies and complete installations according to the customer's drawings. In the assembly hall, it is possible to put together sub-assemblies with a total weight up to 15 t. The boring mill can accommodate workpieces in the dimensions of 2 x 3.5 m. An extensive material store is the basis for ensuring that even incoming orders received at short notice can be fulfilled as quickly as possible. In this respect, short order-processing times and the high flexibility in relation to meeting the customer's wishes are supported by direct measurement and assessment of the conditions in situ at the customer's works by Ingenieurbüro Schlüter. Only this permits the shortest possible order-processing time.

For many years, cooperation has been practised in the field of electrotechnology as well. Depending on the order size, there is also collaboration with Dressel GmbH in Dortmund or L&K Anlagentechnik in Solingen. The cooperation with L&K Anlagentechnik relates, in particular, to orders with large compressed-air supply units, water-cooling installations and oil-processing installations.

You can also find additional information on our page about erection and commissioning.


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